Hot Stone Bag Instructions

Instructions for use

Ensure that your stones are clean and dry prior to placing them in the bag. Place the bag on a table or cart. Locate the plug adaptor inside the side zipper pocket. With the clear plastic insert liner bag placed in the bag, open the lid and begin by placing the stones directly onto the base of the clear plastic insert liner bag. Arrange the stones by size. To ensure that your 50 stones fit into the bag, place them on a 45 degree angle. (Note that although the heat source is located only on the bottom of the bag, the heat will penetrate through the entire stones). When all the stones are in your bag, close both the clear plastic and the fabric bag covers. You can zip the bags closed to heat quicker.  Allow the stones to heat 20 - 30 minutes to approx. 140 - 160F and then adjust according to your temperature needs. Remember that if the stones are too hot for you to hold comfortably, they will be too hot for you to use on your client. Remove each stone as required. You can use your hot stone holster to pocket more stones to help eliminate numerous trips to your heating bag. When the stones have cooled off, return them to the clear plastic insert bag liner to reheat for a few minutes. When you have stepped away from your heating bag, lower the lids to keep the heat in.