Chakra Misters & Roll-Ons

FOR THE CHAKRA LOVER! These Chakra Misters or Roll-Ons can be used on your clients or yourself. Use the Misters to mist your clients or yourself, spritz your linens, or use as an aromatic room freshener in your clinic or home. The Roll-Ons can be used for chakra balancing on yourself or on your client's chakra centres or simply use them as an all natural perfume. Blended with 100% pure essential oils and infused with the vibrations of the plant and mineral kingdom, they can be used on their own or added to enhance any massage treatment. They are completely natural, safe, and highly effective with no side effects. They are blessed under the light of the full moon and empowered with colour therapy. Note: Mini gemstone included in bottom of Roll-Ons. Click on instructions for How To Use Your Chakra Misters and Roll-Ons (available in PDF)