About Us

About Us


Roseann Pikelin, a Registered Massage Therapist and Shiatsu Therapist, founded The Stone Massage Company 20 years ago. While upgrading her skills after taking a hot stone therapy course, she realized a lack of availability of hot stones and education. What began as an ambitious foray into an underserved industry, has grown into a thriving venture that supplies members of this dynamic field with high-quality stones and comprehensive education. The Stone Massage Company is now the largest supplier of Hot Stone Therapy Supplies and Education Worldwide. 


The Stone Massage Company's products are used in spas, massage clinics, holistic centers, and massage & esthetic schools. Customers include Registered Massage Therapists, Estheticians, Holistic Practitioners, and Yoga Practitioners. Products include an array of basalt, jade and marble stones, gemstones, massage rollers, and stone heaters. Also available is a full line of Educational products such as Dvd's, Books, In-class and Homestudy courses.


We carry a complete line of massage stones such as basalt, jade, marble, and gemstones. Our BASALT STONES originate from the river beds in South America. They have NOT been cut, shaped or polished therefore retaining their natural inherent energy. We carefully assemble all our stone sets ourselves taking into account size and function. We don't pre-oil our basalt stones. The stones that you will receive from us will be in their natural raw form. They will turn black after their first initial use. Our JADE and MARBLE stones are equally as popular. Choose from a wide variety of unique shapes and sizes. We offer you the option to choose from our ready-made sets or customize your own to your specific needs. Your stones should last you a lifetime if they are properly cleaned and cared for. Upon receiving your stones and after every use, we suggest that you wash them with our Sweet Orange and Lemongrass Stone Wash and then treat them with our Tea Tree and Sacred Sage Purifying Spray. 


Our goal is to make you our number one priority! We understand our customers and want you to know that we care about your needs. All of our products provide educational material and include full instructions on how to use our products. Upon request, some of our educational material is available in french and our DVD's are fully bilingual. We strive to make learning Hot Stone Therapy an exciting experience and are dedicated to helping you purchase quality products and services all at affordable prices.


We are committed to you and your customer satisfaction is our number one goal. Our search for the highest quality and most affordable stones is never ending. We guarantee that you will be receiving the highest quality stone selections for all of your hot stone therapy needs.